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Your ISP's DHCP does not function properly

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I am living in a granny flat where the internet is provided by the main house via an ethernet cable. We have an ASUS RT-AC86U router which had been working for the last 7 months or so. To clarify, the router's WAN port is connected to the wall, which I assume goes directly to the modem in the main house, which is connected to the internet.


Recently we have been unable to connect to the internet and our router is reporting the following error:



ISP's DHCP does not function properly


I have tried different suggestions with no luck:

  • Adjusting the DHCP query frequency.
  • Factory resets.
  • Configuring the router as an access point rather than a wireless router.
  • Playing around with other WAN settings, such as disabling NAT (almost certainly unrelated).

We thought that it might have to do with a physical problem with the wire since the main house also lost their connection at the same time and the heavy rain has caused problems in the past. But their connection came back and our problem still remains.


I wonder if setting up a static IP or using PPPoE for the granny flat (is this even possible?) could solve the issue. I contacted TPG over the phone, but they had no ability to check my connection since I'm not the owner of the account.


I think someone will be coming to have a look, but in the meantime maybe there's something I can do. Any ideas?


Welcome to the community @luckysori.


If the internet is already working on the main modem/router, then you need to check if the Ethernet port on your wall is still connected to the main modem/router. 

Also, if you configure the ASUS router as an access point, then you need to use the LAN port and not the WAN port.


To confirm if the internet is working through the Ethernet port on your wall, then try connecting a computer directly to it and test the connection. If it works, then reset the ASUS router and configure it again as an access point.


If not, then check the connection from the wall to the main modem/router with the help of the owner.


Let us know how it goes.