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Extremely Dissatisfied with TPG Service for NBN Installation

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I have been trying to get an NBN connection to my new house for 5 months, I am extremely tired of TPG's incompetence and inability to sort this out. The first appointment was scheduled last December, but I have had to repeatedly reschedule because the technicians do not show up.


I was hoping to have NBN connected before moving houses, but that did not happen. Now I am living in the house with no phone or internet, it was extremely inconvenient. I am thinking of going with another ISP.




We're sorry to know that you're having issues with the service installation and we apologise for the inconvenience this delay is causing you@trenthou.


We have located the account using your community details.


We can see that a technician went out yesterday, but was unable to complete the installation due to the weather condition.


We have escalated this to our Provisioning Team to fast track the resolution and a case manager will contact you within 24 hours to further discuss the matter.


Should you have a preferred contact number and time, please send it via PM. Thank you.


Hi @trenthou


Our records show that the NBN technician was able to complete the installation today. Furthermore, your modem is already connected to our server for more than 3 hours.


Let me know if you need further assistance.