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How To Reschedule Your TPG Installation

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This article will help you if you would like to reschedule your TPG installation for your NBN, ADSL2+ or FTTB service to a new date.



First, check your current installation appointment



Type in your TPG Username in the Username search box and press enter on your keyboard

See your current installation date and time under Installation.




If you're not sure what your TPG userame is, click Find My TPG Username below:





Request To Reschedule Your TPG Installation


Click the link to reschedule:




Fill in all your details on the Reschedule Your Installation screen. Select a new requested installation date. Then click Submit.


Please note that your request will need to be at least 4 working days after today's date. 





A message will appear confirming that your request has been sent to us:





What Happens Next


TPG Service Delivery will call you to discuss your reschedule request within 24 hours.

We'll endeavour to accommodate your request within our wholesaler's availability.


IMPORTANT: Your installation date has not been changed until we contact you to confirm. Your original installation date still remains until we confirm with you.



→ How To Find Your Username

Check for an email from TPG confirming your order was received.

Here is an example for a TPG NBN service:


From: TPG Internet

Subject: TPG NBN Bundle Order Received