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Installation technican did not show up ADSL2+

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Hi Team,

Today I took the day off from work as I was notified a numerous amount of times by TPG that a Telstra technician will be coming between 8am-12pm. I’ve been eagerly waiting for him all morning as we have not had any internet for 5 weeks.

He still has not turned up.
I have called your team and they were unable to give me a progress update.

Can we please get this actioned ASAP and get our internet connected!


Hi @mmahaak0104,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and have reviewed the notes.


We apologise if the Telstra technician was not able to attend the job since they've experienced a massive service disruption. Since there's no technician that can attend the job within the given date, they rescheduled the visit to be attended on the 14th of March between 8AM - 12NN instead. This is already the earliest date that they can provide us to complete the installation of your service.


The account is being monitored by our Service delivery team and your case manager will be in touch to provide you with updates once available.


Kind regards,


Level 1b
We have waited another week and the technician hasn’t showed up. This is just getting ridiculous now!!

It’s been 6 weeks now and we still haven’t had internet - I’m sure you can understand the frustration. I took another day off work today for the technician to turn up between 8am - 12pm and still no show!!!!!!

If a technican doesn’t turn up today - I’m considering taking this up with Telecommunications industry Ombudsman as I’ve been promised twice!!

Your customers need more transparnacy and better communication when it comes to technican appointments


Hi @mmahaak0104


We're sorry to hear about the delay on the installation. We can only imagine how frustrating your experience has been.


I was able to check your records and I can see that you have already spoken to a Provisioning Case Manager earlier pertaining to the case. From what I can tell, we have raised your report regarding the Telstra technician not being present for today's appointment


As discussed with you earlier, you will be notified within 24-48hours regarding the next available installation appointment.


Please leave us a note if you need additional information from us.



Level 1b
Next appointment is scheduled for next Friday the 22nd of March between 8am- 12pm

Are you serious?!?!? Making me wait another whole week. I cant afford to keep taking days off work for these flakey technicians who never turn up??? This is costing me a lot of money. I am still paying my previous internet provider as they need to churn the line, I am paying TPG, I am paying Telstra my mobile provider for all the data and I am paying Optus for my hotspot data device. I have spent over $400 on purchasing data and paying 2 internet providers at the same time.
I have no idea what I’m paying TPG for???!

I expected someone to come in today and fix it. According to TPG staff, a technician did come yesterday at 8:30am. I WAS HOME!! no one rang the bell, no one called me, no one left anything in the mailbox?! Such lies.

I am beyond frustrated, this is just getting depressing now and costing me a lot of money - taking days off work, purchasing data, paying 2 internet providers for ZERO service.

Hi @mmahaak0104


We understand that the wait time is less than ideal. We would love for your service to start already, however, the appointment schedule is dependent on Telstra's calendar and that the one given to you is the earliest at this point.


Rest assured your billing cycle hasn't started yet. The initial billing cycle commences only when your installation is complete.