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I was with TPG with ADSL connection before my house was pulled down to rebuild.  However, after I moved back to my new house, I asked Telstra to install a telephone line to my house so that I could continue with the ADSL service with TPG.  They said they could not find the original telephone copper wire that was previously connected to my house, so they refused to provide a telephone line.  Obviously my home builder had not laid a line to Telstra switch at the footpath.  I had no alternative but to ask Optus to provide phone and internet service to my house via an overhead cable.


Now NBN is planning to roll out its service for my area in Jan-Mar 2020 using FTTC technology.  How would I go about using the TPG NBN Service if there is currently no copper wire connected to my house?

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As a general rule for FTTC connections, if there is no existing socket or lead in cable, one will be provided to you during installation. It is not uncommon for existing infrastructure during a knockdown and re-build project to buried/disconnected/difficult to locate.


My neighbour had a similar experience and civil works were required to complete the connection due to the old lead in cable being damaged/unlocatable. 


Each case and circumstance is unique, your first step will be to simply kick off an application once your address becomes serviceable and NBNCo will work with TPG to get the service installed for you.


Hope that helps


Hi @Samson 


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@DB is correct.


Every location or address will be assessed by NBN Co and will be given a 'Service Class' that will identify if a certain address is:

  • Serviceable
  • Needs a technician to install the lead-in, DPU cut-in, installs NCD
  • Needs a technician to install the DPU and NCD (lead-in already in-place)
  • For remote activation (Equipments are installed)

In your case, there will be an appointment for an NBN technician that will install the lead-in cable and your attendance or someone that is 18 yrs old above is required.


The status or progression of your order will be given via Email or you may contact our NBN provisioning team for real time support (1300 993 012).