NBN Installation

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Dear TPG Community staff,


I've been an existing TPG ADSL customer for the past 7 years or so and we are now in line for the NBN which i have agreed to sign up for. I've received my new NBN equipment package via a courier however I'm nervous about disconnecting the existing ADSL to connect the new service as one of my family members now has to carry out their essential tele-health work from home as part of their employment and as such I don't want to be disconnected for long throughout the day if possible.


I've received no information on what the process is from now apart from a text with a link to the installation video and an email with a basic 4 step process.

I can’t get through on the 131423 phone number and also haven’t been able to get through on the chat line set up for assistance all week.


I hope you can help me with some basic questions - 


The email i've recieved just gives 4 steps to set up and connect - is it as simple as that?


How long would it be off line for - different information ive found on line suggests anything from 2 hours, 24 hours or even up to a few weeks??


If i do the connection when i get home from work, will it be carries out after hours (through the evening or over night)?


We are not continuing with the phone connection - is there a form i need to fill in to cancel the direct debt agarge for the phone as well as the old ADSL charge?


Will the new charge be levied automatically or will this need to be set up again?



Looking forward to hearing from you soon





Level 15

I would be inclined to continue with your ADSL for a few more days. At some point it may stop working. Then try your new equipment.

It probably is fairly simple, just hook it up. The router is preconfigured. When you try it, if the 'connection' and 'dsl' lights on the NBN connection box are off or flashing, there's a network problem somewhere. Test that by going back to the ADSL setup.

If you want to port your old phone number, you have to keep the service with Telstra, else you may lose that number. Telstra porting is currently delayed.

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Delay porting your home phone number to TPG (due to Telstra COVID-19 impact)