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Can anything be done with my NBN installation?


I've been without NBN at my new house for over two weeks now.


TPG and NBN are a useless combination.


After two tries with TPG at getting NBN application, finally NBN accepted TPG's application, then TPG asked if there was an NCD, no, then waited while they sent one, then it couldn't get a link, then waited a week as NBN technician needed to visit, NBN rang to test - plug it in etc, concluded it couldn't get a link and NBN tech was required, confimed earlier TPG booking, waited four hours yesterday as per the twice confirmed booking, no NBN tech arrived, rang NBN - they said TPG rescheduled for nine days time, rang TPG - they said NBN cancelled as no techs available, neither bothered to ring or message or email me, asked TPG to escalate - they said already escalated and just have to wait another nine days, rang NBN again to complain, they said a manager would ring me back ASAP, nobody has rung, rang again yesterday afternoon, line so bad couldn't hear person properly, rang again - same, rang NBN this morning silence, rang again silence.


Meanwhile no internet.


Abysmal service.


Can't see why I've been placed at the bottom of the NBN queue when NBN's fault no tech came.


Can anything be done?







Hi @pclewley37


Welcome to the Community! 


I've managed to locate your account and have seen that a Case Manager has been assigned as a sole point of contact and is chasing NBN Co regarding the status of the installation. 


NBN advised that there was a technician capacity issue. I'll have the assigned Case Manager to contact you to provide updates. 


We apologise for the inconvenience.