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NBN Order Cancellation

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I have applied for a new TPG NBN Home bBroadband connection. I have paid Rentals + Instllation charges = 190AUD (60+10+20+99).


Later I came to know that I have to move back to my country due to employment contract changes. I am not sure when will I get chance to visit Australia again. Since the Order is still In-flight and no installation done, I have requested for Cancellation. But I came to know that there wouldn't be return of the amount I paid which is not customer friendly.


Can you please advise if there is anyway to consider my situation and help to get back the amount I paid as I haven't consumed TPG services yet and installation as well not done.


My TPG Account details: CID/Username:xxxxx/xxxxx






Hi @chaitusk,

Welcome to the community!

We are able to locate your account using your given details. Based on the latest log on file, our Account Specialists Team received your cancellation request and currently under assessment. Further details will be provided when is available.


We will chase this up and pass this on for additional reference.

Let us know should you require further assistance.



Level 1a

Hi Shane,


Thank you for the response. As I mentioned My account may not be activie as the services are not provisioned yet and the order is In-flight. I would ned this thread open till end of the cancellation.





Hi Krishna,


We understand. An account specialist will contact you directly via phone or e-mail to provide you with a resolution.


Kind regards,

Joseph D