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VOIP in Bridgemode

Level 1a

When the HG659 is in Bridge-mode it loses the VOIP function.


I would like to have the modem in bridgemode and connect using an Apple Time Capsule (The time capsule can create the wireless network and act as a back up)


I'm wondering if anyone knows how I might achieve this.  I was wondering if the Layer 2 Bridging might help bridge some ports and not others.


TPG help desk where of no help - they didnt know anything about Layer 2 Bridging.


Hi @neilclan,


VoIP feature will not work if HG659 is on bridge mode. ( It needs to be the Authenticating Device/ The device that needs to be connected directly to our TPG server)


If your Apple Time Capsule have DHCP mode option to receive IP address from HG659 it could possibly work.


Hope this help.