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nbn™ connection device has not arrived

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I received my pre-ordered NBN FTTC modem today with instructions, however I didn't receive an NBN network connection device to complete the installation. How do i get one of these devices or is it also in transit?
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Thank you


Hi @Daniel,


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We have edited your post for security purposes, as it contains your account username.


We'll escalate the equipment issue to our Provisioning Team and we'd like to have a specialist contact you to discuss the matter. Can you send us a private message with your best contact number and most convenient time to receive a call?


To send a private message, please refer to this community link:How do I private message (PM) in the community - TPG Community


Hi @Daniel, thanks for your PM.


We have requested our Provisioning Team to contact you between 2PM and 3PM NSW Time.


Hi @Daniel, our Provisioning Team tried to contact you, but to no avail.


As per checking, the assigned case manager is now working on sending the NCD and you will be updated via SMS or a phone call as soon as new updates become available.


We'll continue monitoring the case and keep you posted for updates where possible.

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Hi Riezl,


That is strange. I have been next to my phone the whole time and no one has called. I checked and the mobile number I provided is correct. In any case, that is good news. 


Thank you for your assistance


Not a problem, @Daniel.


We will revert to you once we receive an update regarding the equipment request.


Hi @Daniel,


The NBN NCD will be sent out today.


Deliveries may take 1 to 2 working days within metro and 3 to 7 working days outside metro depending on your location.


Kind regards,



Hi @Daniel, we can see that you have already received the NBN Equipment and it appears that your connection is now working.


Should there be any issues, feel free to drop us a message. Cheers!

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Hi Riezl,


Yes everything is now connected and working smoothly. Thanks again for the quick response and equipment delivery. 




We are glad to know that @Daniel,


In case you have will queries with our service in the future do not hesitate to create a thread here in our community.


Have a lovely day!