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3 months free mobile on any 18 month NBN plan

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3 months free mobile on any 18 month NBN plan


TPG has launched a brand new NBN + Mobile bundle deal on its website today that our Community may be interested in. If you've been thinking about making the switch to NBN, take advantage of this great new offer.


Simply sign up to any TPG NBN Internet plan on an 18-month term, and get an optional 3 months free on any one of our Mobile included value plans.


If you wish to take up our mobile bonus offer, we recommend you select a mobile plan that works best for you. Choose from any of our Mobile included value plans and get up to 36GB FREE across the 3 months bonus period. After this time, we will charge you our standard mobile monthly fee or you can simply cancel the mobile service. 




Already with TPG Mobile or don’t want a new mobile phone service? Why not take the free mobile service for 3 months and use it for additional data, use the free SIM in your tablet for mobile broadband on the go, or give it to your kids or a loved one for peace of mind.


At TPG we offer a range of NBN plans to suit your specific needs based on data quota, speeds and call options:









Find out more about this deal at:

Level 3

Looks good TPG Smiley Happy

Level 3

 I have come from Optus and took up this deal. Went for the for the large, and the 3 free months is great. Christmas is coming and need the cash hahaha

Level 2

I have ordered 'Unlimited standard speed' & would like to get mobile with it. I will be getting an I-phone 6 shortly & will transfer from my old phone, will this work on I-phone, I would like to get the 'medium 4GB', after 3 months, if I don't need that much can I change to 'small 1.5GB'?

Community Manager

Hi @jorifree, thanks for signing up for TPG NBN!


To answer your questions about the NBN + Mobile bundle deal:


  • Yes, TPG Mobile is "SIM Only / BYO phone handset" so it works with any mobile handset including iPhones. You'll just need to ensure your handset is unlocked (i.e. not locked to a particular provider).
  • Yes, you can downgrade your mobile plan before the end of the 3 months if you feel another plan would better suit your needs after the 3 months free mobile period. You'll need to request this at least a week before the end of the 3 months free mobile service. This is so we can ensure that the standard mobile monthly fee that kicks in from the 4th month is for your preferred plan.
  • If you decide the T4G Medium (4GB) plan is perfect for you, and you wish to keep the service after the 3 months free period, there's nothing you need to do.


Could you private message me your TPG Customer ID or username so I can help you out with this? Click on my name above this message then click "Send a message".

Level 1a

Hi @Krystle


reviving an old thread to ask if the 3 months free period commences at the time the new SIM card is activated? i.e if i am away on holidays for a month or so and the sim card doesnt arrive before i leave, will the free period start from the time i activate it on my return?








Yes, the 3 months starts when you activate the SIM card.



Joseph D

Level 1a

ok great. i'll start the clock when i get back then. cheers