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Cannot send SMS on TPG Mobile

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Im having trouble sending SMS on my iPhone 5. Using the T4G Large plan and have already tried:


  • Updating the OS
  • Resetting network settings
  • Checking the TPG user control panel to see if the account is okay (it is) and if SMS is enabled

I can make calls normally and send iMessages


Any help would be appreciated






  • Press the Home button
  •  Tap on the Phone icon
  • To view the SMSC number enter *#5005*7672# and tap Send
  • If SMSC number is incorrect enter **5005*7672*+61415011501# and tap Send

Level 3

Hi Mar,


I talked with the Mobile team and found out it was a billing issue.


The payment errored due to lack of funds on the credit card attached to the account.


When we went to the TPG My Account section to make a manual payment we were adding credit to the prepaid bucket and not the account itself which meant the SMS and outbound calls were not re-activated.


Easily fixed by the Mobile team once we understood what the problem was and a lesson to make sure the credit card on the account always has sufficent funds.





ed Level 1a
Level 1a

Good luck with that, I have been waiting for issues to be resolved for 3 months.  In the hands of the Qld Telecommunications Ombudsman now.  Customer service is rude and unhelpful.  I have made numerous calls, e-mails, complaints.  Still no joy.  Useless 'service'.


Hi @ed,


Welcome to TPG Community!


Please send us a private message with your customer or Mobile Service Number (MSN) so we can take a look at your account as we'd like to help get to the bottom of this.


To send a private message, please refer to this link:How do I private message (PM) in the community - TPG Community


We'll wait for your response. Thank you.