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How to Activate Your TPG Mobile Sim Card


Ready to activate your new or replacement TPG mobile SIM card? Here’s a guide for you!


1. Log in to TPG My Account.


2. Go to Dashboard then click on Get Started.


Sim 1.png



3. A new mobile number will activate within 48 hours.


4. If you’re porting your mobile number to TPG, make sure that it is still active. Tick the checkboxes and hit Activate SIM Card.


Sim 2.png



5. You will receive a Pre-Port SMS on the SIM with your current mobile provider. No need to reply to that SMS.

Note: If there is a system issue and the code cannot be generated, the Dashboard will display an error asking you to try again after 10-15 minutes.

6. Enter the Pre-Port Code to verify the porting. The porting process will take 1-2 working days to be completed.


Sim 3.png


Note: The Dashboard will display an error message if you entered an incorrect code. If the code is correct, the screen will update to show Porting Process Initiated.

7. Your old SIM card will continue to work during the porting process. Once it stops working, that will be your cue to switch to your new TPG SIM card


Important Reminder:


  • You have 120 days from the SIM dispatch date to activate your TPG SIM.
  • Non-activation of TPG SIM within this timeframe will trigger our system to withdraw the order.


For TPG Mobile Sim Card Replacement and Delivery please visit


Need more assistance? You may call TPG Customer Service at 13 14 23 (option 3). 


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Article Contributor Mel G and Angeli L

Level 2
This is what I get when try login with my phone number.

Hi @sasoorya7


Are you a new mobile user? If it is, log in with your TPG account number instead of mobile number. If you need to reset the password, here's how: Forgot your TPG Account Password?


Let me know how it goes.



Level 2
What is tpg account number?

Hi @Zhalehshirali


Kindly send us a private message with your TPG mobile number and we'll discuss your query from there. 

How do I private message (PM) in the community