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How to activate International Roaming

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Check out our video guide or follow the steps below.


What is International Roaming?

International Roaming or Global Roaming gives you the freedom to use your mobile phone in more than 170 countries – as easily as you do when at home, day or night. You can keep in touch with your family and friends as if you were in Australia. You'll feel as if you've never left at all.


Why Activate International Roaming?

International Roaming allows you to use the same local mobile number while you're overseas, regardless which country you go to. Connecting to the available service network on your country destination, you would be able to use your mobile for calls, text and data. Most smart phones nowadays are compatible to different countries, so there's no need to get a new handset. When being contacted by someone in Australia, the charges to the caller will just be regular local rates.


How to Activate International Roaming:

Check out the guide below on how to get International Roaming started.

1. Log in to the My Account section of the TPG website











2. After logging in, look for View All Mobile Service Accounts






3. Click on Mobile Service Control Panel










4. Look for International Roaming. If status is showing Disabled, click See Further Information




5. Tick Enable as the Desired state for International Roaming







6. Agree on the terms and conditions

7. Click the submit button to Activate International Roaming


Things to remember:

  • Note we are a prepaid paid provider and upon activation of International Roaming, TPG will take out an amount of $500 which will be used to cover the roaming charges
  • Any unused amount left over will be credited back to your account within 30 days after you have switched off International Roaming. You contact us on 13 14 23 Option 2 + 3 or send an email to to request for refund.
  • Roaming charges are not part of your plans included value and can be more expensive compared to local mobile charges.
  • You may check the roaming rates in the call rates page
  • You may view your roaming usages online via “Your Account” section in the TPG website. However, it takes up to 30 days in displaying your usages. This is because of the time it takes for your usage information to be passed by the overseas carriers
  • Turn off the data service as you activate International Roaming to avoid unwanted high data usage charges. Click here on steps to turn of data on your phone
  • Turn off call diversion to Voicemail (by dialling ##002#+call) to avoid experiencing unwanted Voicemail charges