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Is there anyone else who still cannot get their email or into TPG Post Office?

Level 3

I have lost hours of my life trying to access my email...

This outage started Wednesday 28 August 2019. It is now Sunday 1 September!

I still cannot log into TPG Post Office (although strangely I can get into my main account).

TPG's Service Status for email is currently listed as "No Issue Reported'.

This is clearly NOT correct!

TPG has not stated how many have been affected by the email outage.

Does anyone else still have an issue with TPG email or am I the only one???

Level 3

Still cannot get into TPG Post Office to check my email on the server, can only get into my TPG Account, nothing else...

I changed my password, as suggested by Admin, still no result.

This in now day 5!


Hi @nomailtoday,


Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.


There's an unplanned email outage which is being investigated by our network Engineers.


Further updates will be posted on our service status page.