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XXL Plan

Level 3

NBN A total waste of time and money.


I switched over from ADSL2+ with the home phone bundle, the speeds were average 5Mbps, but not bad, the home phone plan a dream, unlimited everyting for $10 per month.


Misinformation is rife, when I got notifiction that NBN was availablem and all I had was 18 month's to switch over, I put it off (the switch to NBN) for as long as possible.


I am now on NBN, it's costing me an extra $10 p/m to the same unlimited data as I had on ADSL2+, and TPG in their greed charge now for any 13 numbers I ring, and what is their Support number a 13!!


The whole NBN is a clustf@@@

Level 1a

I am in the same boat ,changed to NBN and lost my calls to mobiles + 1300 & 1900 numbers and none of my email clients will send or receive my tpg or gmail emails . TPG blames Windows for the email problems but all used to work on TPGs ADSL2+ ,I feel ripped off as tpg told me if I changed to NBN I would get modem for free then hit me $10.00 for delivery of said modem.