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how can i cancel my account

Level 1b

I have been trying to cancel my internet account to no avail, it seems the lack of info available on the website, and process is designed to deter me from cancelling. I called to cancel my account and the customer service person argued with me to try and get me to keep my account, even though i told her multiple times, its no longer my decision which internet provider our household has. I was told i needed to provide my cancellation request in writing, which seemed suspicious but i agreed, she said email is fine, and that she would email me and i could write an email to the address its from with my request to cancel. I also requested we backdate our cancellation to the date that the new provider connected,and would need to be refunded for the service they could not provide after the other provider connected and she said this isnt possible we cant backdate,I explained to her you cannott charge for a service you cannot provide, and once the other provider is connected (NBN not ADSL) they can no longer physically provide us the service and cannott charge for that regardless of the date of notice. I work for a telecom company and my co worker confirmed this. Either way, the email never arrived, and im back to square one, and cannott find this 'email adress' anywhere, only a link (not found on the website, found through a whirlpool forum) to a form that will not allow me to enter a date in the past, and has mandatory new conditions i must agree to to move forward. What is the email adress to send my cancellation to? Why is it so difficult to find the process of cancelling? Do i need to involve the Telecommunications ombudsman to have my account closed and be refunded appropriately or is this more simple than it appears?



Welcome to the Community!

We have located an account using your community details and we have checked your account records.

We have seen that our Accounts Team has sent an email regarding the cancellation process on 27/April/2018. Have you checked it on your SPAM messages?

If you are still unable to locate the email, please send us a private message with your preferred email address so we can resend it.

Moreover, we have also received your query in a separate thread regarding why we don't provide cancellation processes publicly.

Due to security reasons, we don't provide cancellation processes publicly as we normally discuss account related information and specific billing concerns on these processes.

In addition, there are different circumstances why a specific customer cancels a service.

Furthermore, we don't want the account to be compromised, thus we deal with this type of concern privately.