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IMPORTANT: FTTB Service/Port Allocation - Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

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Hi All,

After originally being advised that I will have FTTB service at my new premises - after moving in I was advised ONE WEEK later that there were Port Allocation issues i.e no available ports.

After weeks of being mislead and straight out lied to by the TPG customer service and FTTB team, including supervisors - I've gathered that TPG has no actual information or authority relating to Port Allocation for FTTB. This information is held by "third parties" such as FTTB Wholesale, who are contracted not to discuss these matters with end users i.e TPG Customers. 

Don't be fooled if they tell you port upgrades are "under evaluation" or that they "cannot give you a timeframe" because what this actually means is " we don't actually know, the information is with a third party we cannot specify, and we want to desperately keep you as a customer".

I've been offered an ADSL2+ service instead, an illegal bait & switch tactic to maintain me as a customer under the pretense that they're working on Port Allocation availability. Obviously this contravenes Australian Consumer Law, which TPG waivers have no immunity from.

Therefore, I encourage all who are affected by this despicable tactic who have been promised a service and offered an inferior product with no compensation - I encourage you to lodge a complaint with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. (

This gross misrepresentation of their services and their duplicity with their customers MUST ABSOLUTELY be held to account.

Community Manager

Hi @hjones,

I have been working on your case personally with the help of the TPG FTTB manager to get your issue resolved.


In the last 24 hours we have made some progress and i have assigned a port to your service.


This means that you can get TPG FTTB.


I have given your details to a senior technician who will call you today to organise a suitable time for your to complete the installation.


Again we apologise that this could not have been resolved earlier and that you enjoy our TPG FTTB service into the future.




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Thank you for the speedy resolution Manuel. Very much appreciated.

Level 1a

This is very very interesting.


I've contacted TPG yesterday to request the relocation of my TPG FTTB service to my new apartment and was informed there are no ports available and that my only option is TPG NBN on a more expensive plan. This is the most ridicuolus answer! I have requested my service to be cancelled instead and the lady from cancellations team promise me she would call me later to see "what she can do" to get me on TPG FTTB on my new premises.


I will be ready to lodge a complaint to the TIO in case TPG rejects my request to move my FTTB service into my new apartment.


We apologise for the inconvenience this issue is causing you and we would like to help get to the bottom of this, @jonnyp.


We have located the account using your community details and we have escalated the issue to our Complaints Resolution Team.


We have also requested for an immediate case assessment to ensure that this will be prioritised and a feedback will be provided as soon as possible.