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Cancellation( installation and account)

Level 2
Hi there,

I have got pm massage from yours and I sent cancellation letter via email . However, I didn't any respond from your company. Your technician told me that he can't install nbn at the mement so he report and your company will contact me after his report. But I didnt get any respond from yours. So I rang to tpg call centre. Your call centre staffs responded me "my place is not able to install your nbn service untill 25th of March . And I asked them any other way to use nbn earlier. Buy they repeated me waiting or cancell. I am middle of distance learning programm, in addition, my assessment was delayed because I can't use internet!!!! I explained this all situation but your staff was not interesting resolving my issues. So I decided to cancell your service before installaiton. I cna't wait untill 25 of march. I already booked moving home service over one month ago but look at your service!!! They don't try anything for me. So I decided to cnacel. And then I sent cancellation letters , that sent two of different place under your staffs mention. However I dind't get any respond. I already use optus nbn service now (they gave me service directly, they told me that I am not waiting until on 25th of March)

I just want to cancel with my installation and account. And refund my pre-installation fee.

Sunny bak

Hi @pobi1010,


Soon all of Australia will be connected up to the NBN and whilst in the vast majority of cases the transition happens seamlessly we apologise that this was not your experience.

We had a look at your account and we can see that this issue has been raised to our Escalations Team. You request is still in progress and you will receive an update via email once it is finalised.


We sincerely apologise for what happened.