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No "Internet" light on modem

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Hi There,


I recently moved from an ADSL area to an NBN one and, TPG, your "service", if you can call it that, is SHOCKING.


I sent in a "moving house" request form last week to request an NBN plan on the new property to start yesterday. What does TPG do? They cut my internet at my old property 3 days before they should've and sent my new modem to the new property days before I was to move in... 

And they had someone to call and be like "oh hey, we helped". No. No you did not. 


And I moved in yesterday, and set up everything according to the guide, and to put the cherry on top of this disastrous sundae, my internet is not connecting. Like a few of the posters in this forum, my "internet" light is not coming on. My devices are reading the Wifi names, but I get "no internet" even with an ethernet connection. 


So basically I've been paying for absolutely nothing for close to a week now. So TPG, please fix this ASAP, this is not acceptable. 


Hi @akim ,


Welcome to the community!


We'd love to help see what happened with the connection status of the service. To better understand the situation, please send me your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file).


In case you need a reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community 


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Messaged you. thanks Shane. 


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@Shane please provide an ETA of a solution. I've essentially lost almost a week of service. Thanks.


Hi @akim


This is currently being investigated by our Engineering team and an assigned Engineer will be in touch with you via SMS or phone call within 24 to 48 hours as soon as an update becomes available.


We apologise for the inconvenience.



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Thanks, someone promised to call back yesterday but still nothing and I received an email asking me to confirm if I wanted to cancel the connection at my new place and connect it back to my old place when I asked why TPG cut my internet off prior to my moving date I indicated on the moving house form... are you sure TPG understands the problem? 


We can see that your concern has been raised to our Technical Team. We have made a follow up and we have advised the assigned specialist to contact you before 3PM NSW time today for further assistance.


We apologise for any inconvenience.