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Using TPG My Account & Online Account Info

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Using TPG My Account & Online Account Info


TPG My Account is a secure portal designed to make accessing your TPG information easy, safe and convenient.


Check out our video guide covering Account Management tools via My Account, or read below


Accessing TPG My Account



  • Log in using your TPG Username / Customer ID / Mobile or Home Phone Number and your TPG account password. If you have multiple accounts, we recommend always logging in with your TPG Customer ID or Username rather than your mobile number.



Tip! For help on understanding your billing cycle and advance monthly payments, check out this Community article.


Please click what information you would like to access below. 











1. Forgot Your TPG Account Password?


Follow the easy steps in TPG Community article or visit to securely reset your password.




2. Update your Contact or Payment Details


To change your contact details, click on Update Contact & Payment Details.




To change your Payment details, click on Update Contact & Payment Details.




3. Check your Plan and Contract Details




To check what plan you are on and to see your remaining contact (if any) on your plan, click on Plan & Contract Details.




Your current Plan and Contract details will be displayed:




To check your plan inclusions, check your plan's Critical Information Summary at




Click on View all Mobile Service Accounts





In the next screen, you can see all Mobile Phone Numbers you have with TPG.

To see the plan name, look next to "Service Type"





To check the plan inclusions of your mobile plan, visit


4. Access Your Account Statement


To see your latest statement, click on Your Account Statement.


To see your statement for a whole financial year, click either Your Account Statement Current Financial Year or Your Account Statement Last Financial Year.




This will present you with an Account Summary showing all financial transactions on your account such as charges, payments made (receipts) and credits.






5. Access Individual Invoices


Click on Your Invoices




To view an invoice, simply click on the invoice number in the far left column.





6. Check Your Account Balance


To check if you have unpaid amounts, click on Check Your Current Balance.




The next screen will show your current balance, if any.




Your can click "Process Payment" to process payment using the payment method on your account.







7. Change your TPG Account Password (if you know the current password).


If you've forgotten your current password, check out the information in #2 in this article.


To change your password for My Account, click on Change your Password then follow the instructions on screen.