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Setting up email on your iPhone and Android phones

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This guide will step you through how to setup up your TPG email onto your Iphone or Android phone.


You can use this guide to add any email address onto your phone as long as you know your email providers settings.

Apple have a very useful site to check your email settings that you may need in setting up your email. Click here to get those settings.


For TPG email settings use the details in the below table.


tpg settings.PNG


Setting up your Iphone for Email

Automatic Setup


Iphone setup.png




 Email Iphone setup 2.png

Manual Setup



Iphone Manual 1.png


 Iphone server port 25.png

 Iphone server port 110.png


Finding your email


Iphone find email.png

Setting up your Android phone for Email

Automatic Setup


Setup email automatic.png

Manual Setup

Setup up manual.png


Setup manual 2.png


Finding your email


Android find email.png



Level 2

Following steps from Manuel for connecting email to iPad; When I enter New Account details and click Next to Verify I get an error message that Cannot connect to SSL. Am I missing something?

Level 2


The link that you gave me  took me to a  page with the   guide  to  set up my phone and computer. However these are screenshots.  as  a vision impaired person I cannot see them. Can you provide me with a written instructions without screenshot

Level 2

can i Add, I'm trying to set up my TPG account on outlook for iOS for iPhone and iPad and Mac OS.

Level 2

These setting are not good cyber security practice.


I would not recommend enabling you mobile phone using these settings as all email traffic will be transmitted in the clear over the internet.


TPG needs to upgrade their email servers to support industry best practice of transmitting email traffic using secure industry standards like TLS and STARTTLS