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TPG Mobile - Voice over LTE (VoLTE)


Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is a feature that allows you to call using our 4G network. It allows you to remain connected to the 4G network during calls, which means you can continue using 4G mobile data while making and receiving calls.


To use Voice over LTE you need a device that’s compatible and enabled.



Where is Voice over LTE available?

Voice over LTE is available wherever there is 4G coverage. Use our coverage checker to see where 4G coverage is available.



Is my plan or prepaid service eligible for Voice over LTE?

VoLTE is applicable to all TPG mobile plans.



How do I enable Voice over LTE on my device?

Please ensure that your device software is up to date.


Android devices



  • Go to Settings > Connections/Network & Internet > Voice Networks > Set VoLTE to On.
  • Go to Settings > Connections/Network & Internet > Mobile Networks > Set VoLTE to On.
  • If you have a Samsung / Google Pixel (received software update 2021) devices, Voice over LTE should automatically be enabled. 
  • For Dual SIM handsets, you need to select the SIM slot (SIM1 or SIM2) for your TPG SIM to enable the VoLTE.



Apple devices

You must have an iPhone 6 or above. It is advisable to update the iOS if available.



  • iOS 13 / iOS 14
    • Go to Settings -> Mobile Data -> Mobile Data Options -> Enable 4G
    • Go to Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular Data Options -> Voice & Data -> Put tick on LTE -> Set VoLTE On
  • iOS 15
    • VoLTE is automatically enabled.


How do I know if VoLTE is available and being used?

The VoLTE icon should display in the status bar.


Android Phones:VoLTE Android.JPG





Does it cost extra to use Voice over LTE?

No. Voice over LTE is charged in the same way as all other voice calls and doesn’t use your mobile data allowance.


Can I access Voice over LTE on a 5G compatible device?

Yes, but your device will use our 4G network to access Voice over LTE.


Here are the devices that are compatible with Voice over LTE.


Mobile 1.png


Mobile 2.jpg


Mobile 3.jpg


Mobile 4.jpg






Can I use Voice over LTE to call emergency services?

If your phone is listed above as being compatible with Voice over LTE, then you'll be able to make an emergency service call using VoLTE. If your phone isn't listed above, then emergency calls will be made using our network where available or any other cellular network.



Need more assistance? You may call TPG Customer Service at 13 14 23 (option 3). 


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