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ADSL+2 connection not working

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I received an email this morning to say my connection is active and this evening I set up my tpg modem, followed the instructions but I don't have any internet at all?
The Wi-Fi light is on, the ADSL light is not. 
Not sure what to do now? 

Hi @Jchambers92 


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Using your community details to locate your account, I was able to perform tests and we've detected that there seems to be a line cut outside which is why your service isn't working yet. This will require Telstra to check the line and investigate further. I have escalated this issue to our Engineering Team for assistance and for the monitoring of the case. Updates will be provided to you directly in the form of SMS or phone call.


Let me know if you have other concerns or queries.




Hi @Jchambers92,


Your case has already been raised to Telstra. An SMS was sent to you earlier today advising as to when a Telstra technician can check your line. Feedback pertaining to the outcome of the tech visit and additional updates will be given by our Engineering Team.


Level 2

Hi Will, 


Thanks for getting back to me. Yes I received a message this evening. 

Hope they can sort it out. Thanks 


You're welcome, @Jchambers92


Don't hesitate to leave a comment should you need our assistance further.