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ADSL Installation and Runaround

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Was told there is no NBN offered at my address but there is ADSL2 Instead. The website clearly said ADSL2 is available at my address as did the sales person. Ordered ADSL service on March 27th 2020 and was charged for a modem and connection fee. Was sent the modem on the 30 March. Waited for the connection to be installed for two weeks.


Called numerous times for updates that were not forthcoming. Then I got an email on 21st April saying that there is no copper line to the Address (there is, I can see the Telstra box on the wall and it is connected).


There is something fishy is going on at TPG. I think it's something that should be brought to the attention of the Telecoms Industry Ombudsman and ACCC. Fees for no service? False advertisement? Why charge for something that cannot be provided. That the service is providable should be the first thing that is checked before a charge is applied?


Do people have the right to sue for damages when a business fails to comply with their end of a contract leading to a loss of income from a lack of the service they were contracted to deliver? I’m certainly not happy with my experience. 


The order process needs to be rectified.




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