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ADSL line quality reduced tremendously

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I have been an ADSL user at my current location for a number of years and have enjoyed good connection speeds due to our proximity to the exchange.  Over the last few weeks the line quality has reduced dramatically, with the modem struggling to maintain any connection at all at times.

I have tried swapping the modem and the splitter, with no improvement.

There have been no changes to the copper cabling at our end and all appears well connected.


Can you please advise how we go about checking or resetting the port from your end ?




Hi @smorrison,


Welcome to the community!


I was able to pull up your account using your community details.


I ran initial tests on your service and it shows a passing speed on the line and connected for 17h 29m.


I'd like to know if you can run a speed test using a desktop/laptop connected via Ethernet/LAN cable and post the result on this thread also on what particular device(s) you experience slow connection.



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Hi Shane


Thanks for your answer.

It just occurred to me that I have 2 ADSL services with TPG.

One in Melbourne and one in Sydney.

Which service did you test ?


You're welcome, @smorrison.


Can you PM me the account details (Username/Customer ID or Contact number associated with the account) of the service having speed issues?




Hi @smorrison,


Thanks for sending us your details.


I was able to run remote tests on your ADSL Line and found some errors that may cause the internet to be slow. 


Can you please confirm the following: 


* Do you have a home phone in the premise?

 - If Yes, does it have a splitter & is it connected together with the modem?

 - Also, when you your home phone, do you hear any noise or crackling sound? 


* What is the name and age of your modem?

* Are you experiencing the speed issue on a specific time?

* Are you connecting via WiFi or is Wired / LAN connection experiencing the same issue? 


We'll be waiting for your response. Thanks!

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Hi Shane


I checked the analogue phone line last night and it is perfectly clear.

Re-checked ADSL modem as well and now synced 20M/1M, so it appears that all the attention has resolved the issue.


Thanks for your help.


Thank you for writing back @smorrison,and we're glad that everything is now working well at your end.


Should you need further assistance, do not hesitate to drop us a message. 


Have a wonderful day!