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Download Speed well below the minimum accepted speed

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I recently moved home and had to change from NBN to ADSL2+ due to the NBN not yet being built at my new residence. I previously had no issues with TPG Internet and have been very satisfied with their service and speed for the past few years.


Since switching back to ADSL2+ my speeds are as follows:

Ping: 205

Downlad: 1.2 Mbps

Upload: .5 Mbps


Using this link ( , I've noted that I am about 1km away from the relay and feel as if this distance shouldnt pose too much of a problem. I've then took to the community and after consulting this post ( I've realised I am below the 'minimum acceptable speed.' My connection is very unstable, often dropping out and not able to load simple websites or stream video content of any kind.


I was hoping for some guadiance and what has worked for people in the past when similar issues arise?



Hi @allencrandall


Welcome to the Community!


With a distance of 1km from the exchange, your speed should be higher than what you're currently getting.


To check what's affecting your speed, I located your records using your community details as reference. From what I gathered, on top of the speed issue, I can see that your connection is also intermittent.


We've detected a possible line fault that needs to be raised to Telstra. I have escalated this issue to our Engineering Team for assistance. You will be provided an update regarding the case through SMS or phone call using the mobile number we have on file. If you wish to provide a different contact number, please send me a PM. Follow this link for your reference on how to use the PM function.


If you have other concerns, just leave a message.