Have paid no connection yet

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Tech support said to wait 48 hours now 72 and nothing impossible to get through to support have tried for over 1 hour worst service ever


Hi @Harryhoo51 


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I'm sorry about the difficulty in getting through to our Support hotline. I took the liberty to check your account using your community details as reference to have a better understanding of the case.


From I gathered, your service is NBN-FTTC with the Service Class tagged as SC33. This means that you need to plug in the NBN Network Connection Device (NCD) for the order to complete and the service to work. However, it looks like you have not received the NCD and the modem yet. According to Startrack's records, they attempted the delivery on June 21 but no one's home to receive it. As such, your devices are sitting at CHELSEA HEIGHTS LPO at the moment and is available for pick up. When you pick up the devices, please bring a valid ID and take note of the consignment number that was sent to you via email (dated June 20).


Once you have the devices, please check this guide on how to set up your connection: NBN FTTC Setup - General Setup




Hi @Harryhoo51


Thanks for your email and for clarifying that you have already received both modem and NCD.


I can also see on our records that you've spoken to our Provisioning Team today. From what I can tell, since the NCD is unable to detect a signal from the line, your order has progressed further and will require a technician appointment this time instead of a remote activation. An email has been sent providing the appointment details.