Jumpering Fee NOT Set up fee

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 Hi guys,


I suggest we should all report to the ACCC about the misleading and deceptive conduct engaged by TPG about the Jumpering Fee, which breach s18 of the Australian Consumer Law. 

We have to stop them from misleding cusotmers for this hidden fee!


We need more victims to file complaint to the ACCC so ACCC can start invetigation!






Hi Zhuyang,

The process regarding MDF jumpering is not only with TPG, other telco and ISP service experience this as well.

Below as some examples from whirlpool.

MDF Jumpering and New Connection Questions
MDF jumpering - same building

mdf jumpering
The need to jumper MDF.
MDF Jumper Connection

You do not necessarily need to get the technician through TPG, you have the option to contact other Telstra licensed technician to do the jumpering in the MDF. Please note that we cannot be liable for the actions of these third party technicians.


Let us know should you require further assistance.