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No TPG suuport on CHAT OR PHONE for ADSL connection its been 4 weeks now. PLEASE HELP

Level 1b

After 25th March after i singed up my ADSL connection i got my router deliered. They mentioned that on 14th April someone will come and get connection activated but no one showed up no got any communication for cancellation. 

I cant reach support on CHAT OR CALL. I have important webinar to deliver next week. I BEG FOR HELP FOR CONNECTION ACTIVATION. 


I have no one to reach out and ask for help.


My user id is dips2801 and phone is +61415836611


Hello from TPG,
Thank you for contacting us, for verification purposes can you please send me a private message (PM) by clicking on my name and provide the following information:
Full Name
Full Address
I will reply ASAP on receipt of the above.
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Level 1b

Hey Peter, I had messaged you my details in private message, did you recieved it.

Level 1b

Hey Peter,


I was given information that my case is being esclated with TELSTRA and they will come back to me in 48 hours, later i recieved a message that TELSTRA is taking time due to COVID shutdown. 


I understand being humand there situation and not being able to deliver SLA. 


In the interim, cant they make alternate arrangment for me so that i can work and deliver my workshop remotely incase they cant get it activated. 


Also can you please make sure i am not charged for anything unless i start using the service please

Level 1b

Hey Peter,


With your support and backend esclation i just now got a telstra technition visit my building for TPG connection,

Now can you tell me how much time it take after this to get connection active and from were wil i get wi fi and password.


any further steps i need to do. I already have router plugged in and powered on.