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Ultra low internet speed TPG wont do anything about it

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Over the last 3 years we have called TPG numerous times about our very poor connection speed for our ASDL+2 connection.


They have tried to rectify this but it has been to no avail.


We have had technichians come out on 2 seperate occasions. They were never able to recitiy and improve the speeds.


We have had the same wifi modem Huawei model: HG532d.which is over 6 years old.

We have requested to have this replaced but the TPG represntative over the phone has always said that its not the modem that needs to be replaced. They will not supply a new modem


Has anyone had the same speeds and service issues from TPG?

Can a TPG moderator please help?

I do really think its time to move on from TPG?



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Hi @slowpoke ,


Welcome to the community!


Thanks for raising this to us. We'd like to confirm what particular device(s) is affected with speed issue?


If the device(s) affected with the speed issue is connected via Wi-Fi. We did an article that you may find helpful, this will guide you on how to improve your wireless connection at home.


Note: ADSL2+ connection speed is based on the copper line distance going to the exchange.


We tried to use your community details to pull up the account unfortunately it does not show any matching records.


To better understand the situation, PM us your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file).


For reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community


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Hi Shane,

The device is an Apple Mac it’s a hard wired connection cat 6 cable ran from the computer to the Huawei router.

I will DM you


Thanks @slowpoke. We'll wait for your account details.