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Unable to get stable speeds over 2Mbps on ADSL whatever I try

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Hi All,


Need help from any experts who may know why my ADSL internet from TPG using Telstra lines isnt able to keep a stable speed. Here is the background.


Order TPG ADSL2+ for my property in Eastwood NSW 2122 (1.7kms from exchange approx). The service was started mid Dec 2017. With multiple tries from TPG the speed and drop out issue could not be resolved so TPG suggested we get Telstra to get me on a new Telstra line (ULV?). This has been completed.


I'm now on a different Telstra line. The phone socket in the apartment has been repaired. It only uses the red+black cable pair. The MDF, Telstra techs say the line is clear and there is a dial tone to the exchange. I managed to get 10MBps for 1 FULL day so I know I can get those speeds and now its back at 2MBps again. 


The telstra technician who had a look last time was nice enough to try and pair the copper pairs directly to the line and bypass the Kone block which again worked for a few hours and now its back slow again.


My next step is to advise TPG again and to bring another TPG technician to check the line in the MDF however my outlook is poor as It will probably go back down to 2MBps again.


Any idea or things I should do/check???? its ongoing for 2 mths now...


Thanks all. 


Hi @wshinji8888,


I'd love to help and see what happened on this case.


Kindly, PM me your account details (username/customer ID or contact number associated with your account).



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Hi Shane,


Thanks for taking a look. PM you details and summary of ongoing adventure with TPG.


Also note, going into 3rd month of troubleshooting soon.


Plus not 1 Tpg case manager has contacted me back directly when requested after calling in and speaking with your escalations department. Get the usual 'your case manager not avalilble at this time'. Or we get another case manager to call you back... nothing. 


Hi @wshinji8888,


Thanks sending me your details.


I can see that this case is now being handled by our Engineering Team.


At the moment the main cause of speed fluctuation is still under investigation and a TPG Technician is scheduled to check your connection tomorrow 31/Jan/18 8-12.


I will make follow up on this and rest assured feedback will be given once new update is available





Hi @wshinji8888,


I can see that this case is now resolved and your service is now connected for 5d 16h 31m.


Please let me know should you require further assistance.


Reards, Smiley Wink

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Hi Shane,


What bugs me the most is that we have identified the issue. Do you know what it was? My modem! Now you may think, hey silly customer (and look i think this somewhat too) however lets step back a bit.


I have taken this same modem around with me everywhere and i've never had an issue. I just didn't think it would be the modem at the time. 


OK putting that aside. 


This issue has been happening for months now. I've spoken to Engineering and TPG consultants numerous times over the phone over 2+ months. I've talked to a few TPG AND Telstra technicians and no one was able to do 1 simple test to figure out this issue which could have been resolved in less than a day.


The last TPG technician who troubleshooted asked TPG to run a modem error sync test which i didnt know existed. This test showed that my modem was spitting out errors. Why wasn't this test done earlier? I asked this question directly to your engineering department and their response? 'We will take on your feedback'. Simply deflect the whole issue altogether and pretend it never happened. 


Now why do you have an 'Engineering' department if they cant or too lazy to ran basic tests? How come all they do is 'change the profile' and palm the issue on to someone else for 'further investigation'? Why am I faced with engineering TPG team members who are no different from level 1 support? 
You really need to get this fixed. You have escalations for a reason. 


And to add on top. Im still waiting for that call from one of your case managers about my ticket. Looks like my ticket has been closed already. I have no spoken to provided any feedback from TPG since the technician came out to tell me that he suspected it was my modem. 


Even when TPG makes profile changes, they dont tell the customer. I had to chase TPG up. I have to follow and check that TPG does they job and any changes they make I also need to figure out what changes they made and what the purpose/impacts are as well. 


Enough with the frustration, i think you know how TPG works and probably not much you can do about how TPG in ran internally anyways.


So what happens from here????

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I've just read this thread with interest and although I can understand your frustration, I think it's a bit harsh to be leveling the total blame on the provider/s, if the problem was in fact your own modem/router you just need to put this down to experience.

I had an issue years ago with a modem not syncing to ADSL after a firmware update, the modem was originally supplied by TPG and I did my own process of elimination by substituting it with another model that I had lying around, no sync issues! I contacted TPG with the details and they shipped me out a replacement modem which was an upgrade from the faulty one and at no cost at all. Problem solved. If I was using a third party modem I would not have expected them to replace it.

Assumption that your modem should just work seamlessly at each location was a mistake, a given chipset may not play happily with whatever equipment is installed at your local exchange.

 It's great that your service is stable now so make the most of it and look forward to the NBN experience when it happens.


Hi @wshinji8888,


The remote test done did not identify specifically that the issue was the modem. Though we did see errors on the data they were not conclusive thus we cannot blame any specific part of the connection, that is the reason why we sent onsite technicians to check the physical line.

The previous tech dispatches identified issues on the lines outside such as a dial tone problem. Onsite technicians changed the internal lines as well.

The problem on your connection is not just the modem, and based on the notes and on the previous tech dispatch it is also understandable when you initially did not believe the onsite technician that there was an issue on your equipment.

 By the way we used to ask customers to try a different modem before sending a tech out but it is understandable that not everyone has a spare modem lying around and on your case there was also problems detected outside.

Based on our Engineering Team's assessment there is a noise on the line that is affecting the speed (possibly coming from the modem/router).

Therefore, we need to adjust the noise protection on your connection, but this won't affect the speed of your service as it is now on its original/standard profile.

At the moment your service is now Connected for 14h 4m stable with  a good connection speed. Let me know if you still like to speak with one of our Engineers to discuss this.


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Yeah maybe, who needs technical support anyways ay. Why did I even post in this forum for assistance? Thanks for your help after it was resolved btw. 


I should just buy my own spare equipment, test my own components, tap into TPG tools, write down all the exchange switch revisions, cross reference all the firmwares myself and just fix.


Shifting the blame to the customer, yup I should have known better. 


Like i mentioned previously, TPG has the tools available, if they saw errors they could have suggested to swap out the modem by getting a test modem from somewhere. 


Shane thinks there could be underlying issues with the line as well. That took time to resolve also as 1 Telstra technician I mentioned to Shane in my notes came onsite doing 'work' for 5 hours was supposed to install a new line. He left and TPG told me there wasnt even a dial tone on this new line..........


Anyways all just a complete mess....