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$10 monthly unknown fee charged

Level 1

Just realised that I was charged $20 on 3/1/2018 and after that $10 per month on the first day from Feb 2018, dont even know what's this for?? the fee just has been direct debit from my credit card.

Anyone experience the same?


Hi @courtstreet, 


Welcome to TPG Community! 


I was able to pull up an account using your Community details. 


I've went ahead and checked your account and was unable to find any of those charges. I can see only your monthly fee. 


May I know where are you seeing these charges and can you see if there's any reference number or customer ID attached on it that would able us to investigate on this further? 



Level 3

Until I saw Erika's comments I was thinking it was for OZtalk for voip phone which is billed separately and is $10/month.

Sorry if I'm butting in. 


Hi @spyder

Thanks for your input. 


Charges for the Add-on should still be included in their invoice.