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Account Identification & Cancellation

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I sent the following email to



I’ve been advised by the phone support team to email this address regarding cancelling the account.


The account is rather old so we are unable to confirm the details of who would be the registered person and they quite probably do not work for the business.


I don’t have the account number but the entity is **************** and the phone number is ***********.


I’m a director on the entity and am happy to provide any required identification to solve this matter."

This email received an automated response.


I've called the customer service line multiple times to be hung up on, prevented from leaving messages due to full voicemail inboxes and directed to send emails to apparently unmonitored email inboxes.


This is my final attempt to get this resolved before contact the ombudsman.


Hi @nathanb1


Kindly confirm the email address privately that you used to send an email to our Admin Team. 

How do I private message (PM) in the community