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Hi there, it would be great if I could get some assistance with my questions listed below.


1. Is there a way for my TPG bill to be sent to my email? Note - I do have access to my invoices via "My Account" but that's not what I am after.

2. Is it possibe to add my partner's name to the Account Holder Name? For instance: John Doe and Jane Doe

3. Is there a way to obtain a PDF of the below records:

  • Account Summary
  • Account Statement Current Financial Year
  • Account Statement Last Financial Year

Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers.


Hi @PrithaD ,


Welcome to TPG Community. 


1. Due to prepaid nature of our business we do not send invoices via email. 


2.  We no longer allow a secondary or additional account holder to be listed. As an alternative you can add authorized representatives to be listed on the account. Just shoot an e-mail to


3. We can have this requested. Just send us via PM your TPG account details. Otherwise, you may also send an email to