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All I want to do is cancel my account, why is this so hard?

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Why is it so hard to cancel my account with the online chat operators? I am totally understanding of the Covid-19 affect on all businesses, but c'mon, invest in better systems, the current system you have is shocking!

I have now spent the last three days, and over 9 hours, for the chat to just stop and no response after being told i am being transfered to customer specialist team.

This seems like a massive rort, they are just keeping you connected to get more money from us, when this really shouldn't be an issue. 
Every other company i have done this with is able to process this request in a very efficent and simple manner, TPG, on the other hand is really failing. TPG you have not just lost my business today, but forever after this debacle

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I want my money back... I been waiting to activation since last week.
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Goto this website. This page is not advertised anywhere, but I found it on a different forum