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At 6.22 am TPG calls asking wants my problem is, and speaking to me as if I’m 5 yr old child

Level 2

Thanks for the Call this morning At 6.22am asking wants my problem is and speaking to me as if I’m a 5 year old child
TPG your really are an a###hole of an organisation (didn’t you think I’d answer the phone at that time of the morning and don’t like been treated like an idiot)

Yes I do know how to trun a modem on and yes it's pluged in and I do know what the green lights mean and most of all I do kmow how to connect a cable.

Note: TPG the modem not the issue, your treatment of me as a customer is the iusse..


Hi @2731346,

We apologise for the inconvenience that you have been contacted too early. We will certainly be reviewing your recent interactions with us in our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible customer service.


Based on the latest log on file the billing adjustment from the Technical Issue handled by our Engineering Team has been applied. Let us know should you require further assistance.