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Been sent an invoice for $242 even though I've been paying monthly

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I've just been sent an invoice for around $242 for the period 1/2021 to 1/2022, on the very day I am charged, which the money have been taken out of my account via credit card already, even though I've been paying $19.99 monthly and having that taken out every month via credit card.
I've been calling for 1 days already to customer service number provided and been waiting for an hour each call. First day, the support technician help lodge the problem to the billing department, but he couldn't help much despite having to wait 1 hour on the phone already. Said someone will call back next day to try resolve. I informed them that I need to work, so must know the time or be a convenient time to tall, which he put me on hold until eventually line got cut.
Got a call the next day as promised on a time that is inconvenient, so I missed the call. Only received a message to call the customer service number back, and once again waiting for hours, and getting the line cut anyways. No replies to messages sent via email or the mobile number the message was sent from. Money charged from the credit card details. And no answers given. I feel like I cannot trust you with my card details no longer if you're going to bill and charge what ever charges you want. I will definitely find a way to raise this complaint until it is resolved.

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I am able to retrieve your account using your community details. Hence, your billing issue has been escalated to our Accounts Team for further review. I'll be in touch again should an update becomes available. Let me know if you require further assistance.