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Billed for 4 months for a disconnected Service

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This is the most painful experience. I had an accident in my house which took out my NBN connection for 4 months. I rang TPG to turn off my service until the wall was fixed. The rep I spoke with told me they will keep billing me but will credit my account once the service is restored - which I believed???


I've been calling TPG for the last 1 month trying to get this unused period credited but it looks like the reps I've spoken to have no clue about how to resolve the issue so I requested being routed to a manager. On two occasions, they said they would transfer me but the line stalls and they hang up - very poor.


Plus, I need to sound like a broken record every time I call because the reps don't leave notes. I'm hoping someone in TPG can resolve this issue ASAP before it gets out of hand. Thanks.


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We'd love to help sort this out for you. Please shoot us a PM with your TPG username or customer ID so we can check on your account. 


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