Level 2

I'm on ADSL2 with a Home phone service. Unfortunately, last Wednesday evening, 10/2, I lost access and was cut off suddenly without any notice. When I rang up, I was told by the support team, Kevin, that they couldn't fix the 'outside issue', and the solution was I needed to switch NBN. 

The earliest they can arrange for the NBN installation date is 23/2, which is practically two weeks. And I can't work without an internet connection for two weeks. 


Nonetheless, my questions are, why am I being billed yesterday for the total amount when I don't get any internet connection service from 10/2? Should I be eligible for a rebate? If so, how do I request a reimbursement until my internet issue has been resolved? 


I hope to hear from you soon.


Hi ,


If you have recently requested to change your plan from ADSL2+ to NBN, any unused portion from your old plan will be credited once the installation gets completed. This will automatically apply on your account. Let me know if you have further questions.