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Can no longer send emails from my iPhone

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Suddenly I can no longer send emails fro my iphone but can still receive them. It just keeps telling me my sender address has been rejected by the server. I have tried all the suggestions such as deleting and re adding the account and re typing password etc. happened once before and I managed to fix it. It has happened again out of the blue and it is really frustrating as I need to send emails for work. Any suggestions?



Please change the Outgoing/SMTP port in your email client to 995 and see if outgoing emails will be successfully sent.




Hi jacinda9


I work for TPG Helpdesk. And base on the error message the SMTP server is rejecting your email.

This normally happen when you use your email overseas.

Did you happen to use your email overseas?

You may have to change your password and wait for few minutes to an hour to fix this kind of issue.

If changing your email password doesn't help PM me your email address and contact details and I will look into your issue and assist you my self.

I work until 8pm AEST



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No , I have not been overseas. Will try pass word change and let you know




Alright just remember to wait for few minutes to an hour after you change your password.

Shoot me a message if password change doesn't work


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Hi there, I have the same problem and yes I was sending Email from overseas. I successfully sent a couple of emails then it stopped working with the same error as Jacinta. 

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I'm having the same problem! 

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I changed the server port to 995 - now it's 'stuck' verifying 😔


@Maxinef1put back the port to 25 for SMTP

if your using apple product and the error says rejected change your password and wait for few minutes to an hour they try again

if that doesn't work PM me your email address and contact number I work until 8pm AEST.

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Thanks - I have changed the port back to 25.


How do I change my password?