Cancel Account

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I wish to cancel my account since internet did not work at my home since last 2 week. 


Without internet, it has cause me lots of frustration and stress because i need to work from home.

I have tried to called to discuss about this but always take so long for technical department to answer the phone therefore I have purchased other alternative. 

I have sent email to cancel department and they told me i have to pay $115 for cancelation because i'm in contract?

I believe that i'm out of the contract and can you please clarify this?

Why does it so long for cancel department to reply the email and clarify? I'm tired to call to your customer service number and have to be put on hold for more than half hour.

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Hi, just wondering if someone reply to you? I think this page is a way to make people believe that someone is going to reply with a reasonable answer... it is a kind of distracting wall for people.
Level 2

I am trying to urgently cancel my NBN account.

But I can't speak to anyone , either online, or n the phone.

Can anyone please help ?

Many thanks,