Cancel my NBN contract

Level 2



My TPG username is rileytpg.


My service has been continually dropping in and out, with the two support people I spoke to giving me a different set of instructions (directly contradicting each other) in how to get my connection working consistently. I've since changed providers and not had one issue.


I have tried to contact TPG in relation to cancelling my account 4 times now, to no avail.


The first time I contacted you was the 25th of March by phone, which after waiting for 40 minutes i was told I'd receive a call back that same day, which I didn't ever receive.


I then contact you via online chat the day afer, which I was told I'd then be transferred to someone who can help me, which after waiting for 30 minutes and no response to my messages, didn't happen.


I then tried to call again, which I couldn't even get through. I jumped into your online chat, which said nobody was available and also wouldn't let me through. I submitted an email request to cancel my request, which I still haven't recieved a response about (in the email it says i'll get a response within one day).


What makes this more disappointing is that I've been a customer of yours for over 5 years. If nobody makes contact with me by the end of today (yes, I'm still on hold to you), I'll be submitting a complaint to the TIO.