Cancel my account

Level 2

Can someone from TPG please put me out of my misery and close my ADSL2+ with Home Phone account?


For 3 days now I've been trying to get in touch with someone that can do this. There has been email enquiry... does anybody read these??? Then there was chat, which only works on selected browsers. If you're lucky - having been on hold for 20 minutes - the chat will redirect you to the accounts team. Well you'd hope, they just drop the connection. Then of course there is calling. First you get the pleasure of being put on hold some more. After that's finished, you're redirected to the accounts team. Well not really, either the call gets disconnected or you spend a further hour (and counting) on hold...


If there is anyone from TPG that reads this, can you please reach out. It really shouldn't be this bloody painful to close an account.