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Cancellation of unsuccessful NBN installation and refund please.

Level 2
On the 27th March 2020 I organised for an NBN installation and plan to be set up at my rental home. 
When the technician arrived, he explained that the dwelling I live in was located on a property that was not subdivided, therefore the main residence on the property which already has the NBN connection is the sole connection for the entire property.  I was not aware of this when I paid for the installation.
I would like to cancel my plan, and get a refund.
I am happy to return the modem.  
I paid $199.94 and I paid by credit card.
I understand you are very busy at this time, but I hope you can reply promptly.
I have emailed, called, web chat messaged, all with no success.  
Thank you
Level 2

It is now April 20 - 14 days since I wrote the original message and I still have had no contact with TPG.  


Email / web chat / phone - none give a reply.


Please contact me asap.


I want to cancel my installation and get a refund.