Cancelling nbn account

Level 2
Hello, I'm not at all happy about how difficult you have made it for me to cancel my account. I searched your website for information on how to cancel last week but could find nothing. So I called instead, eventually speak to a TPG representative to be told they have to contact another team and place me on hold. After a long time holding they finally tell me they will transfer my call only to be disconnected. It was pretty disheartening to be disconnected after waiting on hold for so long but I thought ok, surely they will call me back. So I waited but no call came. After some time I decided to call again. Once again on hold in the queue for 50 mins to speak to someone new. Explain why I'm calling again and that I was previously cut off. Get put on hold again while they contact the cancellation team. Left me on hold for a very long time and then cut me off again! Still didn't get a call back! I get an email a week later with a cancellation form to find out I have to give 30 days notice even though I'm out of contract. I will be expecting that you at the very least start the notice period from the date I first notified you of my wish to cancel. I would appreciate a call after 9am WST as I do not wish to call again to spend an entire day on hold to be cut off each time. I have been a long time customer and would a always have recommended TPG in the past but not anymore after this latest experience.