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Cannot cancel plan

Level 2

I am moving out from my apartment on the 28/04 and need to schedule my account to be cancelled on that day. Apparently there is no telephone operators anymore due to covid-19, which is fair enough, but whenever I try to use the online chat it says "All our operators are busy. Try again later.". The few times I managed to enter a chat channel was from New Sales and, when they transfer to the department responsible for cancellations, there was simply no reply whatsoever. I have tried twice: first time I waited for 45 minutes and nobody replied, neither the original operator nor the department i was being transferred to; second time I waited for nearly 2 hours and same thing happened.


All the other utilities have been a breeze to cancel, either 100% online or within a 10min phone call. I'd hate to think that TPG is leveraging on the situation to enforce customer retention by just not providing any means of cancellation... 





Hi pauloeavs,


Have you tried to use the online tool.

After you have complete this you may check on the portal the status.