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Cannot log in to account

Level 2
Level 2

Not sure if anyone can help with this.  We use TPG for email only.  I've never had any issues logging in to either the post office or my account.  I can still log in to my post office, however can no longer log in to my account - it tells me that my mobile number is missing or invalid??!! We have been with TPG since 1998 when we moved in, so quite possibly never had a mobile number back then!! I don't think I've ever had one attached to my account.  I have tried ringing through a few times now, the last time today and was told they were sending me an email so I could register my mobile and someone would then be in contact in 1-2 days!! 2 hours later - no email has come through, so no idea if it will!! Anyone else have any ideas why it is doing this??


Hi @ldr


We'll help you with your My Account log in. Send us a private message with your TPG customer ID or username and we'll discuss it from there. 

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