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Chat Support Ridiculous! “Transferred” 6 times - no responses! Unacceptable!

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Hi, my account number is 6275813. Two weeks ago I made a moving home request. I signed a new 12 month contract when I put the moving home request in, to avoid paying a relocation fee. That request was for the 16th - 20th of March and was made the week before on Thursday 12th March.. On the 17th I lost my job due to covid 19. I lost my house the next day and had to cancel my move home request. I cancelled that request successfully, but I also asked the tpg customer service lady if she could also cancel the new contract I signed as I was within my 5 business day cooling off period and no longer wanted to be signed up to the contract. She promised someone would call me, and that it would be taken care of.

I haven’t heard back from anyone about this despite promises from your staff that someone would be in touch. I have been 'transferred' to accounts/cancellations 6 times in the last two weeks and no one has ever responded after the transfer happens. I don't want to get into it on the public forum but I have all 6 chat logs and names of your consultants saved.

At this point I would just like to cancel my service all together and I would like if you could consider waiving my financial obligations in cancelling as I couldn’t (by no fault of my own) get in touch with you to cancel the contract in my cooling off period, and I haven’t got any money due to being fired from covid19. I literally have no house to live in, I have no use for home broadband, and I have no way to pay you for a service I can't use.


I would appreciate a phone callI know your staff are still making calls here and there and as my situation is so difficult to articulate in under 500 characters in a chat message I would appreciate you guys going the extra mile just this once. I have been a loyal tpg customer in my last 4 households, but at this stage when I'm back on my feet, continuation of that trend seems unlikely.