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Did TPG cancel my account?

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Not sure how this has happened. But my internet suddenly stopped on 25/03/2020. After multiple attempts to get in contact with online tech chat and waiting for hours. I decided to log into my TPG My Account page. When I checked Plan & Contract Details I see the message "You are currently not in contract". 


How can this be? A payment was taken out on the 02/03/2020. I recieved no notification or communication that my service would be cut or changed...


Can I please have someone review: CustomerID: 5826207

Level 2

I have had the same issue tonight. My internet was cancelled at around 8 pm today and my account shows that am not currently in a contract. I submitted a request to move houses and I have payed for the service to be moved to a new place. When on live chat, I was told that my old service will be stopped only once the installation of the new service is complete. My installation is still progressing according to the installation tracker. I don't understand why my current service has been cut off, I did not ask for it and I have made a payment today for the service. Please advise.Thank you in advance.